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Dudley Gann is an entrepreneur and expert in the field of sustainable business solutions and green technology. He is the founder and managing director of EcoVision Solutions, a strategic consulting company that assists businesses in efficiently integrating and implementing green technology solutions.

Born in Syracuse, New York, Gann has had a deep affection for nature and conservation efforts since childhood. His father, employed at the New York State Office of Parks, instilled in him the significance of environmental stewardship from a young age. Together with his mother and two sisters, the family frequently went on camping trips around upstate New York. 

Gann excelled in science and math in school, participating each year in the city science fair. In his senior year, his project, "Investigating the Impact of Nutrient Concentration on Aquaponic System Performance," won a silver medal at the state championships. At the same time, his early forays into odd jobs, such as dog-walking, lawn maintenance, and selling wholesale flowers for profit on Valentine's Day, hinted at his eventual passion for business and entrepreneurship.


During Gann's final year at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he pursued a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, he undertook an internship with a renewable energy startup. This experience led him to recognize the potential of applying his technical expertise to contribute to conservation and environmental initiatives. Upon graduation, he was offered a full-time position at the company, and from there he worked for a number of firms specializing in green technology. 


Although Gann loved the intricacies and challenges of engineering, as he progressed in his career, he developed a new appreciation for roles that emphasized project management and strategic planning. Motivated to steer his career toward executive roles, he returned to school to earn his EMBA and subsequently held senior management positions in several companies. His noteworthy contributions in the green technology sector led to invitations for him to speak at conferences and participate in panels, addressing the intersection of environmental responsibility, technology, and business practices.


In 2018, Gann officially founded his own consulting firm, EcoVision Solutions. Specializing in green technology solutions, the firm offers tailored strategies for businesses aiming to incorporate eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge technologies. Led by Gann, its team of experts brings a wealth of industry knowledge and strategic insights, guiding companies through the intricacies of sustainability in the modern business landscape. Over the years, the company has earned a solid reputation as a trusted source for aligning strategic objectives with environmental sustainability.


Outside of his business, Gann has remained actively involved in promoting environmental responsibility. He collaborates closely with various nonprofit organizations dedicated to conservation and the advancement of sustainable energy. Additionally, he serves as an independent director for several companies where he previously held positions, contributing his expertise to further their environmental and sustainability initiatives. He has become a well-known speaker at global conferences on sustainability and green technology such as the Greentech Festival and the World ESG Summit. 


Gann resides in Syracuse with his wife, Emily, who works as a photographer. Together, they are proud parents to their two children, Kenneth and Robin. The family shares a passion for exploring the great outdoors and often embarks on backpacking adventures. Currently, they are on a mission to visit all the national parks across the United States, cherishing each moment spent together amidst the beauty of nature.

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